Thursday, January 21, 2010

Euphoric voyage

The Smoke is a little boat.. Carrying you to the ocean shore...

Take a drag and hey fellow you too can ease that feeling mellow..

Set the sail and let the motor blow...

Inhale the salinity and let it take control....

Off you set , feeling afloat...

Dnt just panic take control

free the reign and let the feeling flow .

Slow slow the motions flow..

The glow on the wall,

Slowly falls on the the wooden floor

With the same hope as we carry on this trip moving with the flow ,

as we are carried with grace

Descending serenely with agility and elegance.

Hurdles in your way,

rocking you, making you sway

Make your way, dont stop or stay.

Kill your boredom till you reach the bay.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hold that drink

Beckoning you to chug
opening with a chink
raise a toast and hear it clink

savour the intoxication with every sip
and you know today's the day
when you get another kick

gulp by gulp you feel yourself going lighter
the grip on the can seems to be getting tighter

oh yes baby now even you can be a dreamer
unleash your mind and set that demon free
lashing its fury and the escaping emotions
but with grace and elegance that you desire
puppet in your hands the world it seems
begging for freedom, you hold the key
A make believe pass for an illusionary Elysium
chug that drink and life's a dream.

"Chug that mug you frekkin wanna be
get a life, its not a dream."