Sunday, March 7, 2010


Swimming down this funnel ,

Goin’ round and round..

Getting dizzy and thinking in circles..

You are digging deeper and deeper in the tunnel of love…

Blissfully swaying to the tune you are blank

A rollercoaster of emotions…

It’s a magnet bound to pull one day….

Buckling knees… a breath taking trip.

Mischievous as a brat… enchanting as a dream

Beckoning you to follow… pulled by passion you are dragged along..

Chasing the dream leaving all behind..

The damsels in line .. all dressed to the nines..

The dream only in sight you a climb a million flights..

Lost in a trance

Rain drops prance

Pleasant fragrances drift

In a whirlwind of thoughts

You run in circles

Reaching no where

Fumbling for words, awestruck you admire

Time slows .. the focus is stuck

All rest ignored, for the dream you fall

Dazed and spellbound, all you hear is the pipers call

Jiving to the beat the symphony you seek

The journey of a lifetime

Walking till you reach the horizon

Afloat the cloud you feel ecstatic

Relishing the experience with hunger and zeal

Atop the world you feel.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Pain is good or is it bad??
thinking and wondering this i sat.
does it hurt when i cry ?
does it pain when i don't try?
questions haunt me but there's no reply

When i strain it hurts like hell
If its a wound its sure to swell
If otherwise only the heart can tell
I bend and break , i search and seek
for the answers which i cannot peek
lonely on this quest
only the answers shall put me to rest

An escapist i feel, devoid of morals making a cowardly run
but then i think- "Now is that done?"
I was a rationalistic chauvinist
but currently I'm in a fix,
For there are things i cannot explain
and there is pain i cannot reason
which vanishes like the season

Pain is what i like and fear alike.
the only thing that makes the difference is when it arises
and the reason remains the question
and the reason hence is the pain.

Mind Vs Soul

Fury now rages within

I feel it rising, inch by inch

Soaring from the depths of my innards

Ready to erupt, ready to escape

To break the shackles I've bound it with

To make a change or an effort at least

To be someone, to be renown

By removing this tag of being unknown

But now this thirst has to be quenched

Corroding me from within

Begging me to let it win

To let it surge

And take the wheel

push the pedal and once again feel

Succumbing to the pleas

I let it loose

Give it a chance

…. A path, to make a mark

To do what I couldn't…

So the battle ends with my defeat

Only to lead me to Victory.

Fair Play

Sitting around twriling my hair

Thinking aloud that life aint fair

And one day i shall get my share

To you the reader i dare

Just you try and catch that hare

Restlessness only you shall bear

books and pages you shall tear

Then looking around in despair

With me you shall too sing this prayer

shedding inhibitions and without a care

MAYBE one day you too shall get your fair share.


Vision is clear, but i can't comprehend,

thoughts flow but never end. ..

To change my ways i must take control..

Feel the time ticking, without a care

People carry on their work, Seemingly Oriented

Saying what they they Don't mean

expressing between the lines

you've got to crack the code

Listen to what they Don't say

They show concern and you
almost believe

But alas, you trust no one

Always afraid to let go

Which you must and you know

You sit and think to take an action but never move

But was the thought futile? ....You can never decide..

Memories are vague but they haunt u nonetheless

You want to share but then the vicious cycle begins all over again

Confused you feel ; is it really so??

You are blank, and no one believes it so

Frustrated u feel, you don't know the cause

The result is your present state but where did it begin?

The Tale of Non-Exsistent Clarity

Confusion is now in the air

the chances of losing it are pretty fair

people act without thinking

thoughts manifest, minds are rotting

they love by hating

they hate by loving

regret is what is their present

sorrow is all they see in the future

friends wither and fall

enemies bloom and blossom

preconceived notions eat them from within

some want to make amends others don't care

nothing seems to be fair

injustice prevails, hatred breeds

the emotions build silently in their innards

waiting for the right time to make

to make their outburst

to take us by surprise,

its like a game you don't want to play

but before you know you are playing it

you are losing it, you are "it"

but then comes your sanity

guiding you away from harm

away from all this

to a safe place

to help you

to keep you from harm

by you showing the right direction

and alas you are fine

you feel normalcy prevail

you feel again and see though the obvious that it was you all along

and unnecessary complications that were thorns in your path

and you pledge to yourself that it will not happen again but then again that's..... another story.


A whisper in my ear, the echoes of the world.

Blood rushing into my head, warmth spreading through my veins.

Oh graceful waves, galloping towards the shore.

Gently and subtly, into my head thoughts they bore,

Anguish and frustration manifest ,repercussions turning gore.

Restrained and dampened are the actions expressed .

Sadness befalls, emotions surge and eyebrows arch.

The cure we seek, hidden behind a veil, looking timid and weak.

Look into one's soul, deeper you look clearer you see,

Restless you feel thrown into a world unknown.

Awaiting the dawn which never seems to come.

Exhausted and weary, alas you come undone.

Roller-Coaster Ride

A starry night under the dark sky.

Blazing past places without really thinking twice.

Distant places and dim glow of born fires.

One by one, the tracks pass by

Blurry silhouettes fly.

Tapping my feet to the beat

Slowly, I let the intoxication take the front seat.

Driven by the rush of the moment

Thoughts pop up and fade away

Rising yet again from the ashes,

Soaring up, to reach my distant horizon

I catch this last train home.

Home feels so close, yet so far...

Sorrow eating me up from within..

Rising with anger to crush me..

But alas, it is I who holds the reins,

Calm and composed I stand ready to face the world with no remorse or guilt.