Thursday, March 4, 2010


Vision is clear, but i can't comprehend,

thoughts flow but never end. ..

To change my ways i must take control..

Feel the time ticking, without a care

People carry on their work, Seemingly Oriented

Saying what they they Don't mean

expressing between the lines

you've got to crack the code

Listen to what they Don't say

They show concern and you
almost believe

But alas, you trust no one

Always afraid to let go

Which you must and you know

You sit and think to take an action but never move

But was the thought futile? ....You can never decide..

Memories are vague but they haunt u nonetheless

You want to share but then the vicious cycle begins all over again

Confused you feel ; is it really so??

You are blank, and no one believes it so

Frustrated u feel, you don't know the cause

The result is your present state but where did it begin?

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