Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Tale of Non-Exsistent Clarity

Confusion is now in the air

the chances of losing it are pretty fair

people act without thinking

thoughts manifest, minds are rotting

they love by hating

they hate by loving

regret is what is their present

sorrow is all they see in the future

friends wither and fall

enemies bloom and blossom

preconceived notions eat them from within

some want to make amends others don't care

nothing seems to be fair

injustice prevails, hatred breeds

the emotions build silently in their innards

waiting for the right time to make

to make their outburst

to take us by surprise,

its like a game you don't want to play

but before you know you are playing it

you are losing it, you are "it"

but then comes your sanity

guiding you away from harm

away from all this

to a safe place

to help you

to keep you from harm

by you showing the right direction

and alas you are fine

you feel normalcy prevail

you feel again and see though the obvious that it was you all along

and unnecessary complications that were thorns in your path

and you pledge to yourself that it will not happen again but then again that's..... another story.

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