Sunday, May 2, 2010


A faint whisper, nudging me to the edge

A sweet poison, the forbidden fruit

Temptation getting the better of prudence

A sinister aura, with a mirage of desires

Lucifer beckons, with a scepter and a gun.

Carried away ..... the weak, happily oblige

Intuition bellows a symphony of warning

A bitter sweet sensation rendering you confused

You reach out ,but just cant reach

blinded by angels ,you fumble around

A puppet in their hands, they move the strings.. Accordingly you sway.

Innocent unadulterated, played through the politics you fail

But try you must, for that's the part you play

Freedom you seek and for it, you pray

Ignorant and foolish, try as hard as you may

till the end of your days.. That's where you stay.

play your move, lest you are moved by the play