Thursday, March 4, 2010


Pain is good or is it bad??
thinking and wondering this i sat.
does it hurt when i cry ?
does it pain when i don't try?
questions haunt me but there's no reply

When i strain it hurts like hell
If its a wound its sure to swell
If otherwise only the heart can tell
I bend and break , i search and seek
for the answers which i cannot peek
lonely on this quest
only the answers shall put me to rest

An escapist i feel, devoid of morals making a cowardly run
but then i think- "Now is that done?"
I was a rationalistic chauvinist
but currently I'm in a fix,
For there are things i cannot explain
and there is pain i cannot reason
which vanishes like the season

Pain is what i like and fear alike.
the only thing that makes the difference is when it arises
and the reason remains the question
and the reason hence is the pain.

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