Sunday, March 7, 2010


Swimming down this funnel ,

Goin’ round and round..

Getting dizzy and thinking in circles..

You are digging deeper and deeper in the tunnel of love…

Blissfully swaying to the tune you are blank

A rollercoaster of emotions…

It’s a magnet bound to pull one day….

Buckling knees… a breath taking trip.

Mischievous as a brat… enchanting as a dream

Beckoning you to follow… pulled by passion you are dragged along..

Chasing the dream leaving all behind..

The damsels in line .. all dressed to the nines..

The dream only in sight you a climb a million flights..

Lost in a trance

Rain drops prance

Pleasant fragrances drift

In a whirlwind of thoughts

You run in circles

Reaching no where

Fumbling for words, awestruck you admire

Time slows .. the focus is stuck

All rest ignored, for the dream you fall

Dazed and spellbound, all you hear is the pipers call

Jiving to the beat the symphony you seek

The journey of a lifetime

Walking till you reach the horizon

Afloat the cloud you feel ecstatic

Relishing the experience with hunger and zeal

Atop the world you feel.

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